lazeballs post - spring in the eug

confession: i have had wine tonight.

it's pretty major. wine! check it out.

one glass of post-pregnancy wine pretty much equals 3 jager shots and a joint for a normal person. just sayin. #iamsuperbuzzed :) #practicallykaraoketime

anyways, where was i? ummm? spring has sprung here in the eug and i took some unbelievably rad pics of my little toehead munch that i wanted to share. i still don't know what i'm going to do about editing pictures now that picnik barf-ploded so these are just thrown down, unedited eye candy. luckily, his cuteness really doesn't need editing. my little love -->

let me know when you've recovered from the cuteness.

so what do you think of his pants/shoes? we're getting real (real!) family pictures this weekend and i was thinking of these pants/shoes for the occasion. whadya think? my friend/coworker andy drake (here's his other site) is going to take the pics and i'm so excited because he's freaking awesome. and real (real!) family pics with loretta in the mix just feels like a big big deal (because it is, yo). right now our house is like a shrine to Otto (as it should be) and i'm excited to turn it into a shrine to Otto and Loretta. siblings! hooray for kids.

can't wait to share those pics on here and to create a new blog button with "Ot and Et". hope you're all having great weeks. xoxo

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