is it f#ck?

so you know how you're supposed to watch what you say around your kids so they don't end up foul-mouthed little hoodlums dropping f-bombs at preschool while flashing their underpants? oops.

confession: i *may* have a bit of a sailor's mouth when it comes to things that really get my goat, like, for instance, pretty much anything that has to do with our f*cking dog ::wink, wink:: and i *may* not have been censoring myself around the house. and Otto may have asked me the other day, when i was asking him to clean up his refrigerator magnets off the floor, "is it fuck? it's fuck, isn't it, mommy?"

what, child??!!! oh nooooo! and inwardly, hahahahahaha. but outwardly, keeping my cool, "oh no, Otto, that isn't a word that we should use." and then silently praying that he never, never busts that one out again, and vowing to the stars and moon that i will never use that word again in his earshot.

ps. i was being really nice about the magnets thing. i swear. i'm a super even-keeled mama. i think he was just trying to figure out what would be an appropriate time to use this "word". i was floored. and lesson insta-learned, believe me. but also: bwahahahaha! Otto is so awesome. but also: eeeek. i always say that leading by example is one of the most important things a parent can do. so i really feel like a loser for being the person he got this word from. he will NOT be hearing this from me again.

you might :) but he won't. so speaking of the eff bomb, oregon didn't get the effing memo that it's spring. we had snow last week! snowpocalypse 2012! it was actually really pretty and fun, but what a pain. the whole town closed down for 2 days, trees breaking left and right, it was nuts.

Ot and his dad (and our effing dog) made a snowman in our backyard...
ok, so someone else please tell me this f*ck thing isn't a mommy fail. or at least that you had something similar/funny with your kids? and i can undo the damage by saying things like "criminy!" from now on, right?

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