it's summertime and the living's easy

this evening we barbecued with some friends and, well people, this is what life's all about ♥ first there was running in the sprinklers... in our underpants :)
 oh no. it was too much! i developed perma smile from the too-much-awesome.
miss Loretta was all summery and snoozy. and me? well i should've worn a more figure-enhancing bra (oh my! oh ugh.). but whatever! there was pasta salad. and then there was watermelon eating and more sprinkler action.
 and a little s'mores action, Otto's first!
 and then (after borrowing some dry clothes) we were treated to the most clap-trap ballet.
which ended a little like Black Swan, with Otto leaping to a severe toe-stubbing that kind of ended the evening. dudes, i ate so much pasta salad tonight. and then i ate another huge bowl of it when i got home. because it is good, and Trader Joe's wasabi mayonnaise is the shit. 

dear Oregon, please stay summer, always. okay, thanks.

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