our casual, messy, overly sugared week

it's rob's finals week so womp womp on life. finals week sucks, but me and the kidlets have been doing what we can to make the most of the craziness. this past week has been a lot of easy or take-out dinners, trips for fro-yo, snuggling up and watching our new fave show Grandpa in my Pocket (because wha?), falling asleep in full makeup, not doing dishes, enjoying the psycho weather when it decides to be sunny before barfing out more gloomy rain, shaking fists at the stupid oregon sky when it decides to barf out more gloomy rain, and banana bread making and subsequent face-shoveling
guess who now belly laughs and has the most amazing smile in the world. besides me, obvi. it's miss Loretta! and yeah, those are my jaw dropping cut offs, wipe your drool.

we met up with some friends at the local raptor center (a refuge). what a cool place! we saw like 50 different birds that would scavenge our carcasses if given the chance. we saw three different american eagles which anecdotally always make me think of Sam Waterston which then makes me say in my head "dun dun".  right?

Otto's little friend there, Hazel, has ombre hair! i mean come ON, that is an awesome. she is an awesome, fearless little sprite and such a great influence for my cautious boy to let loose a little. anyways, that playdate was pretty freaking all-around awesome plus i had a coke zero on the drive there so like awesome cubed.
Otto's been rockin his sunnies non-stop lately. and speaking of awesome, Vanilla Jill's frozen yogurt parked a food cart in our neighborhood for the summer! #froyosummer2012hollabackyall!
in other news we also went out for ice cream, ha! and on sunday morning we did some morning sleeping in (til about 6:30 errrrm) and family snuggling for as long as the toddler could stand it. i must say, snuggling those guys on weekend mornings, with the sun coming in through the window, is just about the most wonderful thing in the world.

for all the tumult that finals week brings, i am just trying to make the most of it by just letting go a little and trying to have fun. it's so not in my nature, but i'm learning to embrace the chaos as much as i can and finding that i enjoy life more when i'm not trying so hard to organize everything and be on top of every detail. instead of trying to choreograph the days, we're just finding ways to have simple, little nice times each and every day and it's been really lovely (although i can't lie, inside i'm a little stressed at the chaos, the dirty dishes, the sometimes unsquare meals) but i know Ot and Et don't care if the sink is full or the coffee table cluttered, they just wanna be loved on, played with, payed attention to.

and so that's our casual, messy, overly sugared week in all its dirty, unsquare glory! it was fun.

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