we are library fans

i always knew we would be library fans... eventually. but up until pretty recently i wasn't sure we were ready for the responsibility that comes with being card-holding book borrowers. Otto loves him some books (hurray hurray hurray!) but he also loves defacing them. sometimes to the max. like allllll the way to the max. crayons, toddler scissors, stickers, even good, old-fashioned pee (hey, wha? nooooo? but then yeahhhh.). anyways, we decided we're ready to try this library thing and Otto can learn about the importance of taking care of the borrowed books. i made him the cutest little book bag! it's simple and definitely no pin-worthy masterpiece but it's just a great little kid bag with a nice deep pocket on the front for his library card and Otto got to go through my fabric basket and pick out the ones he wanted me to use. eugene has a great library downtown with a great big children's section. i think we will become regulars!
oh. see how poofy his eyes have been lately? luckily using zyrtec just the once, plus eliminating strawberries and tomatoes, plus daily night-showers seems to have fixed him up. poor little allergy dude. stupid overly pollen-y oregon!
unfortunately i failed to bring sufficient proof of address and we were denied a library card this time (because clearly we were a team of grifters) but we still stuck around for a while, read some books, and got the lay of the land. and we are already looking forward to our next visit and getting Otto his own library card and checking out some books and then not peeing on them. yay for childhood milestones! i think getting a library card is a pretty great one!

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