berry manilow

last night, somewhere sometime a little after Ot and Et both went nicely to sleep around 7:30, i excused myself from the house for the most peaceful 20 minutes i've had in a while. blackberries grow unchecked up and down our street and we have two blueberry bushes in our front yard. so i went scavenging.
a bushel and a peck.

blackberry vines are mean things. they grab your clothes and have large and teeny thorns that really sting.

i would say that probably only 10% of the blackberries are ripe which means we'll be swimming in these guys for the rest of summer! now i just need to find some recipes to cook them into. i am thinking a cobbler for the weekend would be pretty ideal and i want to look into this making-your-own-icecream thing that everyone seems capable of doing these days.

cobbler and homemade icecream, heck yeah.

TGIF peoples!

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