seasons change

good Sunday morning. Otto has been up since 5:15 tapdancing and jazz making around the house like nobody's business. squirrels got into our outside garbage last night and left a collection of chewed up k-cups on the sidewalk and i feel like there's some kind of joke there, a parallel between Otto and a squirrel out of its mind on caffeine, playing a xylophone, while screaming, and skydiving... but i can't quite put it together because i am TIRED, yo. but i do keep laughing thinking of a band of tweaker squirrels running around my neighborhood this morning; i bet they are up to stuff...
sometime around 6:30 i gave up trying to not get out of bed and asked my little squirrel if he might want to go berry picking with me.
we are in the middle of moving this weekend. our new house is about a mile away and we have a week to make the move so this weekend we are just moving the non-essentials. our new house is huge (as little Elvis would say): 4 bedrooms (huge to us), with hardwood floors and magical little 4' high closets in all the bedrooms and a huge kitchen and light pouring into every room and with a fenced back yard and porches front and back. thank goodness for student housing. it was worth the long wait, this house will be an amazing home for us for the next few years while Rob finishes his degree at UO.

one thing i will miss about our current situation is the berries. we will have to plant some blueberry bushes in the new yard.
i hope to be back here soon with some pics of our new place. i am really looking forward to getting it all set up and setting up Otto and Loretta's rooms especially. we are considering allocating the downstairs bedroom as a toy room for the kids, and the three upstairs bedrooms as: our bedroom; a single bedroom for Ot and Et to share; and the third as an office for Rob and blogging/sewing room for me. Rob needs a quiet space to do his math-ery and we think with all the toys and clutter downstairs that the kids will do well sharing a sleeping room. well it is an experiment. fingers crossed!

ps. these pictures look like fall. womp! how is summer in Oregon so wildly short? although i am ready to start wearing tall boots again. fall clothes are my favorite.


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