Loretta Eats...

this pretty little gal is just a few days shy of her 5 month birthday.
i can't even... it seems like just days ago that i realized i might be pregnant (during an epic tear-fest at Ikea over "which desk should i get? which one? which mother effing ooooooonnnnnneeeeee? kill me now because i will die deciding. kill yourself while you're at it because i hate you and desks and the smell of meatballs and. the. woooooorld!" <-- yeah, pregnant? just maybe?) and yet here we are today on a peaceful Sunday afternoon and we have a baby living in our house, eating our food. a baby who grub-crawls, cracks UP at Otto's moose impression, and is pretty determined to grow moss in between her second and third chins (hippie).

here we are and we've lived in this tiny, temporary sorta-house in Eugene for a year already. we move out in 3 short weeks and i can't wait to share pics of the new place which is just beautiful: wood floors, front and back porch, more space, a real kitchen, light! thank goodness for student housing finally coming through! i'm also really looking forward to finally setting up a bedroom for Loretta, to amping up the big-boy factor in Otto's room, and to creating a playroom for the kiddos so that their bedrooms can be sanctuaries of calm and unclutter.  

so back to the topic at hand, Loretta was given the green-light to start solids several weeks ago by her pediatrician. we were in no hurry, but as baby has been joining us in her bumbo at meals, she has become more and more interested in this putting-the-things-in-the-mouth that we are doing because putting-the-things-in-the-mouth is her FAVORITE THING. so a few days ago we tried our first solids: organic brown rice cereal mixed with breast milk and a teeny bit of pureed cantaloupe. now i don't cuss much but Loretta is downright crass and i'm pretty sure i heard her say, "FUCK YEAH," then she drove a little baby-sized motorcycle in circles around the table for a few minutes while screaming obscenities at the family and eating all our dinners. which she will do, i think, at every meal, from now on, forever.
see that look in her eye? she's saying, "I'll cut you."

here are the things Loretta eats so far (all organic and smooshed - just whatever thought i'd say)...
- brown rice cereal
- cantaloupe
- avocado
- squash
- sweet potatoes
- blueberries
- pears (canned by Katherine)
- apple and chicken compote (earth's best jar)

coming up on the menu we have peas, green beans, carrots, and zucchini.


jiminy crap it weirds me out that she's eating already.

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