what the dinosaur would say

i know the whole "using his Shining voice" thing is a little creepy? but i don't care because this is so. much. awesome.

Otto has gone and done this impossible thing. he made me enjoy a trip to Target even MORE. ya see that red-rum sounding dinosaur trapped in a cage on the side of a big SUV is saying, "puh-leez, puh-leez can i get out?" so polite. so awesome. so gravelly. is all i'm saying.

whatever i just love that kid so majorly. and i don't often subject you guys to "the Muth family slideshows" so please just nod and tell me he's cute and i'll be on my way...

so i'm super tired this week. Loretta is teething and has been a real (sweet) handful the past few nights. lots of swaying to soft rock for hours every night until she finally falls asleep. poor baby. i almost bought the Hyland's teething tablets at Target tonight and then at the last instant didn't. we used them a handful of times for Otto but not until his teething was much worse. i have slight concerns about their safety even though i really don't. does that even make sense? i may be delirious from fatigue.

we did load up on every flavor of organic baby food whilst at Tarjay. i'm going to be making her baby food as well but i don't have the time to make all of it so wanted a little stockpile in the cupboard and also as inspiration for the homemade ones i'll make. last night she had her first meal: organic brown rice cereal mixed with breast-milk and mashed cantaloupe. she inhaled that shit! so awesome but also 1,000 sighs. how on earth is she almost 5 months old already? how?!?!

anyways... puh-leez, puh-leez have an awesome gravelly Friday. wishing us all a little r&r!

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