every now and then...

actually pretty regularly if i think about it... i get into a little blog slump. that is me for the past few days. i think we all probably do this from time to time and for various reasons. and who knows why? there's no point obsessing over it i know it'll pass. always does!

i think i'm just a little overwhelmed. like we need to pack. and move. and take Ot to swim lessons. and... omg i'm just going to *gong* myself. our life is a little busy right now but totally manageable. i've been having some anxiety some of it really weird anxiety, but it'll pass. we've also been having all kinds of fun but i've just been a shitty blogger in that i haven't been documenting everything with pictures like i usually do. but counterpoint... so, here's a badass pic of Otto at his first swim lesson last night:
he is a shining star! imaginary bad guys who think you're gonna break into my house beware. i am pretty sure i would stab the shit out of you with a kitchen knife before i'd ever let you near my kids. so keep staying away.

that last bit made more sense in the context of this post as it was originally written, but as editor i deemed it all too long-winded and deleted most of it. and now it's super late and i'm tired and just gonna leave it like this. i figure you get the idea.

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