File This One Under Marshmallow Crafts

Here is a cheap and fun and easy craft project for the toddlers. It is amazing.

All you need is a bag of marshmallows (we used Halloween mallows) and a box of toothpicks. Hours, and I am talking hours, of fun and all for about $3. There's no beating it! You will have to be on your guard against sneaky little marshmallow gobblers, but other than that, the bird's the word!

How ready are we all for the weekend?!?! I can't even talk about it. So ready. We are having a little soup gathering slash housewarming thing tomorrow which means we are forced to finally clean up the place enough for guests. I'm hoping to finally take some pictures to share of our new house. It's really great, just still covered in half-unpacked boxes and other daily litter and all of the framed pictures are in stacks on the ground instead of nailed to the walls. Hopefully we can bust out some decorating and cleaning tomorrow morning before I get heavy into soup cooking.

Soup is the best thing on the planet. Especially now that it's chilly outside. Makes me want to bust out into some kind of song about eating soup on a Saturday with a beer in one hand and slippers on my feet! A rap song, obviously.


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