Coupla Characters

I know I would love my kids to the ends of the earth and back even if they were genteel and quiet little things, but I'll never have to worry about that with these two. They make my heart sing so loud.

I'm getting all geared up to take Loretta on her first airplane ride. We'll be going to Las Vegas early Sunday morning, just the two of us. I'm planning to go "all in" with her at some point and put her on the blackjack table :) But really it's for a work trip and my wonderful Mother in Law who is SO WONDERFUL is flying into Vegas from Phoenix to babysit for those couple of days. Can you believe that? Did I mention how wonderful this Nana is? Ridic.

So.... I'm feeling a little weird about this trip. Leaving Otto (and my hubs) behind is never fun for me. I'm also just not feeling so very hot these days, so prancing around at a tradeshow, meeting new people, is more intimidating when you're feeling less than A-game. Not like I'm prancing around in a bikini, just business casual (<-- came in the mail yesterday), but still, me = feeling meh. Meh all over myself! Ugh. Which brings to mind this article that I read yesterday and shared on Twitter and FB and I'm just going to share it again here because it rung so true in my head, brought tears to my eyes, and I think it's a reminder to all us moms who, let's face it, most of us don't feel too comfortable in our skin these days. Read this, you'll feel a little empowered and fall a little in love with a nice mom of 4 who took some great photobooth pics with her 5 year old on a day when she wasn't feeling it either and also hopefully you'll fall a little in love with yourself.

I love all of you guys. Sometimes so much it weirds me out. Thanks for stopping by and being there for me in the scarce minutes a day I have to socialize and bond and laugh and share with friends. It's emo post Friday, haha 

ps. We just turned our heat on this morning. Fall has landed. Egad!


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