007 For My Dad

I heard this on the radio yesterday on the way to work and instantly knew, "THIS is the new Bond song." Also instant knowledge: "I will be singing loudly to this often." I mean Adele songs, you just know this stuff. Then I instantly thought of my dad and smiled big. Happy Friday, Dad! I bet you will be first in line for tickets whenever Skyfall comes out!

Some guys are heavy into football, or barbecue, or tools... but my dad was always a Bond man. We saw every single Bond movie many many many MANY times growing up. We spent hours recording them off of cable whenever they did marathons (trying not to record commercials - do you remember this?) and we ended up with an almost complete poor man's VHS collection that way.

And I can't hear those classic notes that make up the Bond song or see Roger Moore, Sean Connery, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, or Daniel Craig without thinking of my dad.

Plus this song is really good. So TGIF Dad and TGIF friends. Hope you're all carving pumpkins, making costumers, visiting farms, and drinking warm beverages this fine October weekend! xo

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