it's not the flu

Loretta is sick. I started a new job. Because of all this, Otto is super needy. Rob's trying not to explode. Actually that amazing guy is taking a very inconvenient day off of work today to watch Loretta so I don't have to miss my second day at my new work. Ten gold doubloons for that guy!

Anyways, Otto made this card for his sick sister last night while I had her at Urgent Care. Poor baby is rocking a fever, chills, shakes, and raspy breathing. The prognosis is that it's a virus and should pass relatively quickly. Fingers crossed on that. What a sweet brother. He is being rewarded with glasses of Pedialyte (the closest thing to Kool-aid he's ever tasted).

Hope your weeks (how is it only Tuesday?) are far less exciting than ours. xo

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