something new and something old, new again

Something new. My AMAAAZING friend and co-worker Jamie Lundy heard me whining about my boring old blog header and up and created me a brand new beautiful one! Can you believe? Needless to say I am over the moon at this sweet, thoughtful gift. It's so fun and charming and the quote suits our little household to a tee. Thank you, Jamie!

Now here is something old, new again. A friend posted this on facebook this morning so I clicked the link and ended up watching the entire movie with Otto this morning. Two kids (like 18 year olds) completely recreated Toy Story scene-for-scene using actual toys. It's so fun and amazing and inspired and just awesome! Otto was completely impressed that a "kid" made a whole movie all by themself. So rad. So so rad.

Rob woke up around the halfway mark and joined us in watching. Our whole family was completely charmed.

Hope you are all having lazy, lovely Sundays. I am about to start cutting veggies for tonight's chicken noodle soup and gathering some napping babies (when they wake) for a walk to the grocery for this week's supplies. It's so crisp out today that your nose runs the second you open the door. But it's also bright and clear, not sopping wet like it often is around these parts, so we are determined to get out in it and catch some vitamin D.

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