Wordless(ish) a lady day

Loretta and I had an unexpected "Lady Day" (and really just a Lady Morning) on Monday when her sitter came down with the flu. I loved our quiet morning and as I mentioned in a previous post, I thought we might even have an adventure, go to a thrift store, and cap it off with Starbucks. Instead, we ate a little breakfast, explored the living room (boy oh boy, yes, our wimpy fake tree is still up with all of its decorations put away, how sad), got down to business on some laundry, put a little clean laundry on Otto's bed (some of it even got put away in the drawer), and then Loretta took a long siesta. What a nice morning. By afternoon Rob was home from school so I went off to a late day at work where I locked myself in a scary parking lot at night! What a chump. I briefly considered climbing a chainlink fence and jumping some barbed wire to escape; thank goodness a coworker saved me before those desperate measures because that totally would have ended successfully... because I'm super agile and fit (lies).

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