our own small, strange comedian

Pic taken at Otto's little birthday party at my parents' house that we had back when we were visiting Arizona. That is an Oreo Blizzard Dairy Queen ice cream cake right there. Words cannot... And this coming weekend we'll be having his blowout extravaganza at Chuck E. Cheese. Oh boy with the birthday parties. I will be very glad to get back to boring old calm around these parts. And to systematically unspoiling my child, ha!

At four years old, Otto's command of language impresses me every single day. Less and less are we even able to spell out the things we don't want him to hear because he can figure out what we're talking about just by context clues and his new-found ability to sound out words. ::horror face:: It's a scary territory to be entering, but it also brings daily joy because the things that come out of this child's mouth make me laugh so much.

This little conversation happened between Ottobot and myself yesterday morning:

Me: Hey Otto if I made some banana bread this morning would you eat any?

Otto: Cookies or nothing.

Me: Well that is crazy talk, sir! How about this? I will make banana bread because I know I will eat it and Loretta will eat it and you can have some too, if you change your mind.

Otto: I definitely will change my mind.

Ha, he drives a hard bargain. Also, he just makes me laugh. I love the person he is growing into and love watching him test the waters of sass and even downright faking us out. He will lie for sweets. This is a fact. He will straight up tell Rob, "Mommy told me I could have M&Ms for lunch." But he folds so funnily under pressure.

If Rob said, "Are you sure Mommy said that? If we go ask her, will she remember saying that?" Otto would smile this big goofy smile and admit that he made it up. What a grifter! Do all 4 year old spins yarns so shamelessly?

You may be wondering why I am writing this on a Monday morning when I should be hours into a workday. Well, it is an unexpected lady day with Loretta. Her sitter is sick and Otto and Rob are both at school. We are enjoying the peace, doing lady things, like tidying and thinking of taking a field trip to the thrift store and maybe Starbucks as we got a gift card recently. Hope your day is just as nice and peaceful. I think this is going to be a great week! Just a feeling. Hope yours is awesome as well!

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