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I don't do this often, but thought I would do a "working with some small amount of style" post. For the past month-ish I've been making it a point to eat smart, exercising when I can (meaning I've done jumping jacks like twenty times and planked once for a whole minute), and organizing my shiz. I feel like 2012 had me in a very overwhelmed and not-feeling-together place. 2013 is for taking charge! And part of that, at least for me, means feeling like "myself" again in my clothes. Loretta will be one in March, I can't wear maternity sweats, eat doughnuts, and not shower much longer... It was smelly and sugary while it lasted! So, I've lost 6 pounds so far and can do 120 jumping jacks in a ROW! You can shoot nerf rockets at me and call me Chyna Diamond Blaze because I will dodge those nerf rockets and knock you down with a jumping jack to the throat! Umm, anyways, so here's what I wore to work on Friday: casual, warm, and colorblocked to the max.

I have no idea what I'm looking at in these pictures. There was no bird or plane. No one ever taught me how to model, womp womp. And even though I am clearly wearing leggings, and despite the fact that I recently called pants garbage because I was angry with them (as a category) for looking SO BAD on me... I am secretly pretty sick of the whole skinny jean movement and ready to find my style in a way that feels at home to me. My style icon of all time is Debra Winger (in Terms of Endearment yes, but also just Debra in general in her golden era when she owned Hollywood as the pretty, sexy, strong, tomboy). How I would love to add some of these pieces to my closet... because PANTS. I am ready to get back into pants. Wide legged, glorious PANTS!
Image via Pinterest and Polyvore.

As I get older (and dudes, I'm turning 35 this year so yeah, THAT) I realize that my style is very basic and comfortable, but pretty I think. I like wool and cotton, earthy colors, and feminine touches. I'm short but I still love flats. I don't like jewelry but lately I've started romancing the idea of finding a fancy antique man's Rolex at the thrift store (unlikely I know). And I can't wait for my hair to grow out.

Who are your fashion icons? Do you find yourself moving more and more towards a certain "look" that's timeless as you grow older or do you evolve with the changing trends? I suppose we're all a little combination of both. I'm doing this "nothing new" challenge this year, not buying anything new (but used is fine) so I'm hoping to find some items at the thrift store that will help me as I try to move my "look" more towards my ideal. Hopefully some classy lady of the early 80s realizes she's outgrown her fine collection of petite trousers, wingtip loafers, blanket sweaters, and mens Rolexes!

And Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day to all. I hope you are spending the day with the ones you love and that it's sunny and warmish for you. Anyone else ready for a picnic day? I'm OVER the cold! Over it! Done.


Kate Pirouette said...
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Colleen @ Mommy Panda said...

I've always thought of my style as hippy-geek-chic, but The Hubs said that some of my jeans are looking a little momish, so I might have to reevaluate everything.

Or just stop buying high waisted pants.