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Happy Pi Day! This was Loretta's original due date, a day for Daddy to dork out (because math), and also a day to embrace the pun and eat pie! Good good day.

Currently is a weekly link-up hosted by the chocolate and springtime craving mom  Randalin of Harvesting Kale and I am super happy to be co-hosting the series with her. I hope that you can participate by writing your own Currently post (using the provided themes or your own) and please join us by linking up. This week, around these parts, we have been...

Watching my kids run/toddle around outside, grubby from play, covered in grass stains and sidewalk chalk all over their clothes, and all of that in the sunshine! Now if plums would only come into season the world would be perfect. So even though I have a feeling this is a false little Spring we're having and another frost plus buckets of rain and grey skies are probably on the way, we are just soaking up the warm temps and sunny days while we have them.

Craving exercise. What kind of alien am I? We get a super discount on the gym at work and I'm hoping to make lunchtime boot camps or pilates or just jogging on a treadmill a 1-3 day per week thing. I need to firm this business ::making a weird, awkward gesture to the torso through upper knees area:: up! ::claps, jumps, points at self in mirror:: Maybe I'm just craving coffee?

Looking a bit more like my old self again. Loretta is sort of self-weaning down to just a couple of nursing sessions a day so my bossoms (ahhhhhhh, so sorry Dad, this is probably the post-per-month you decided to read) are back down to a manageable size lately. Unfortunately they seem to become more uneven with each baby, so we are rocking a 32a on the left and a 32c on the right. Oo

Boob shaming FTW! Honestly though I'm feeling more like myself than I have in a while. My hair is growing out. I'm back to a pre-baby weight. BB cream seems to be doing something youthful-time-machine-y to my face, and the sun we've had lately is even kissing my blue/white gecko translucent skin with a teeny bit of color. This girl is on fire!

my munchkins and their weird, sweet personalities. I took them for their 1 and 4  year checkups, respectively, this week and they are doing great. We do need to follow up on some possible hearing and vision issues with Otto (both minor but both freaking me out) but all in all it was nice to get the thumbs up from the doc. Otto was pretty upset that he would have to get a shot so I did something I rarely do and bribed him to, "just stay calm and be cool, be cool, try to calm down, do you want ice cream? Will ice cream make you calm down? Please calm down! For ice cream! I will give you ice cream!" After the doc, in the Dairy Queen drive thru, Otto said, "Maybe they call her Dare-y Queen because she says (in a royal voice), 'I DARE YOU NOT TO EAT ICE CREAM!'" Ha ha ha. I know *shit my kid says* is usually like 5,000x funnier to the parent, but that is darn sweet, and witty! Bask in my child's awesomeness! :)

Planning a series of home/life improvements for the next 5 months. I am thinking of taking one project on my to-do list per month which feels more manageable than having all of them looming in my face all the time so that I do none of them. They are: living room mantle, kids dress up station, replace pulls on kids dresser, mini-van body work and wash, and mini-makeover our bedroom. I'm going to give myself a budget and deadline for each and hopefully that inspires my inert butt!

That was this week. Here are next week's SPRING! themes:
cleaning, planning, planting, skipping, wearing


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