she conquers forks, what next?

Yesterday at breakfast we handed Loretta a baby fork instead of her usual spoon and were excited to see her go to town with it, making forky motions and getting pretty giddy. It was a dull, plastic, and pretty much useless utensil but she really got into us helping her stab her toast and fruit. So at lunch we dug out some hard core baby silverware to see what she thought: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Fork Master

I wonder if her babysitter has been working on eating with utensils? Or if my girl has been sitting there finger-eating at family meals feeling like a complete heathen and just waiting for us to hand over the tines. Anyways, it was a big surprise to see her stab chicken and bananas and expertly guide them to her mouth. She's getting so big, le sigh. She's also teething and putting us all through the wringer this weekend. How does she have so many teeth? Why is she so mean? Ha. I suppose she is a fierce teether in the same way that she is intense about everything she does. But poor little peanut has the front eight already and seems to be working on some dreaded molars. We could all use a little break from the intensity of it all right about now. Hopefully today will be more chill than yesterday, because yesterday had more than a couple of us in tears.

What's on your Sunday agenda? We're taking Ottobot to a birthday party this afternoon at a pottery painting studio. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to the outing. The rain and grey skies are back, plus Baby Aggro has been giving us all tension headaches, so it will feel nice to get out of the house and do something fun and creative (on someone else's dime, haha). Otto is giving the little girl Hello Kitty toys and jewelry. Jewelry people! It's my fault but still... jewelry. Gulp.


Kate Pirouette said...

Go Loretta! She's forking brilliant! ;)

Kate x
Just Pirouette and Carry On...

Anonymous said...

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