a family visit

Rob's spring break started on Saturday and we kicked off the week with a visit from his sister, mom, dad, and our two nephews this past weekend. Four little cousins aged four and down is the makings of a cuteness party -- also a party that is hard to photograph all at once and usually has at least one little crier and/or one little napper in the bunch.

I sure miss living near to our family and having everyone in town was just a couple of days of magic.

The next few days will speed by as days do and I am looking forward to maybe taking a little time off of work Friday to spring break it UP with my husband, toddler, and baby. We are thinking of dying eggs Friday afternoon and then I need to throw together some Easter fun for the kids. Otto is at an age where he remembers every sweet detail of the holidays so I need to get on it and pull together a special basket for Easter. He was bonkers for his giant chocolate bunny last year so that's an easy one and then some other special little craft items and non-candy snacks is what I'm thinking.

And then deviled eggs need to happen, because priorities.


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