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Currently is a weekly link-up with  Randalin of Harvesting Kale  and I am her happy co-host each week. I hope that you can participate by writing your own Currently post (using the provided themes or your own) and please join us by linking up. What have you been learning, gathering, giving, working, playing this week? Over here, we have been...

Learning the names of everything. Loretta can't sleep at night without first touring her room and pointing to every little thing... "Oh this? This is a baby doll. Night, night baby doll." Some of the time she will try to say it back to me, "bay daw, yeah." Other times just, "yeah!" and then onto the next thing. It makes me personally excited about things like hangers, for the first time in years, haha. It just makes everything seem so fresh and new to be able to share the names of things with her. So anyways, I just love this new nighttime routine.

Gathering dates. This summer's social calendar is filling up fast. We already have people planning visits and plans of our own to visit Portland for various events and also, hopefully (fingers crossed like crazy) a little trip to Disneyland. Travelling solo, I want to visit Chicago in July (BlogHer, hello!) and NYC in August. This summer there are weddings and weekends and all of it fun, but until I sit down with a calendar and plot it all it's feeling a little overwhelming to me. I am easily overwhelmed though. So whatever.

Giving killer massages. I have always used Berts Bees oil (it smells amazing) on my kids and done baby massage... The whole concept of loving touch just really hits home with me and so they get foot massages and arm and leg massages and back massages. There is an irony in this; as no one on the planet enjoys a nice massage more than this mama and I haven't had one in a few years. I will let a single, solitary teardrop roll down my face about that.

Working at my new, old job and loving it. The stress of changing jobs twice in the past few months has not escaped me but I am lucky to be back in the groove and appreciating that it was the right choice to return to this gig. I think in a week or so we'll be back on track. There's been a weird lag between paychecks that means we're on a "spending freeze" and doing "fun" things like eating up food in the cupboard versus lovely meal planning this week. I don't mind it, but please don't interview Otto about his feelings on baked potato, broccoli, and chili/cheese bowls night. RE: That: My thought is that whining your way through a meal or two builds character, right? Also, don't whine. We had a lot of "do-over" moments during that dinner. Once we have a food budget again I am excited to start cooking my way through the It's All Good cookbook my mom sent me for Mother's Day. The recipe I'm most excited to try is the mint watermelon agua fresca! I used to get agua fresca occasionally when we lived in AZ and it is so good! But I have never made my own. I may add a little cream to mine. Wild and crazy plans for fruit water! Don't slow me down, haters. Nom nom nom nom nom!

Playing in the front and back yard every single day. Sometimes eating meals out there as well. The difference in my kids' personalities is so well illustrated by our sidewalk chalking and water gun adventures. Loretta will happily sit in a puddle of ice cold water she made on the sidewalk (splashing away in a water bucket) while she roughs up her hands and feet by clumsily chalking the path all the while trying to sneak-eat chalk every minute or so. This sweet, bold girl! Otto will meticulously draw rocketships, ninja turtles, and dinosaurs and attack us with the watergun with the most devilish grin. However, he has yet to learn grace under fire. In other words, he gets incredibly upset every time we super soaker him in return. There is also lots of daredevil scootering where he toes the safety lines we created on the sidewalk (keeping him off the neighbor's driveway and always in sight)... It will be hard for me to let him grow up. My heart races in a panic every time he puts a toe over either safety line. Le sigh. Well anyways, my favorite games to play outside are with the big bouncy ball because both kids can participate and I love seeing them start to play together.

That was this week. Here are next week's themes: 
hoping, reading, wearing, making, playing



Kate Pirouette said...

Oh the whining! Why, oh why do they do that? Little horrors...

I can't wait until its warm enough here to turn a water pistol on Wiggles, I'm pretty certain that she'd think that was the funniest thing to ever happen in the history of ever.

I have been rubbish this week and am haven't linked up....next week, ahhhh, next week :)

Kate xx
Just Pirouette and Carry On...

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