BubyNoa Handmade Toys & Kids Accessories (10% Off)

Sometimes your eyes fall on an item (art or a tshirt or a potted plant or book cover) and it just stirs something in your heart. That's how I felt when I stumbled upon the Etsy shop BubyNoa this past weekend. So I am very excited to introduce you to this amazing shop full of upcycled, handmade, eco-friendly, and just darling and thoughtful kids' toys and accessories and other bits and pieces... and I'm so happy to share that Mirit, the shop creator, has been kind enough to offer us a discount. (Thank you, Mirit, you are super cool.)

In her own words, Mirit on the inspiration behind her amazing shop:

My inspiration comes from my environmental concerns, nature, my experience, my children. My life :)

I care deeply for the environment and I have a lot of love and true admiration for animals. I wanted bubynoa to incorporate all of these feelings and beliefs in each and every product.

The love and concern for wild animals and their habitat inspire me when creating my wild animal dolls. My inspiration for my dog dolls came from an actual black dog that I saw when travelling. “Ceci the cat” was created in honor of my brave feisty and wonderfully crazy black cat Ceci who was also a rescue animal.

I see bubynoa as an educational tool; each item is eco friendly and ethically-sourced and then there is the finished product that entices and engages. I create the lions, rhinos, elephant and giraffes to introduce them to children. Those animals and their habitat are on the verge of extinction, and we can change that by teaching and raising awareness at a young age. When a parent purchases a rhino doll for example, they are introducing a whole new world to their young child. Now the child recognizes the animals in movies or books and a conversation is started."

I am excited to use this code myself for a special little someone and I hope a few of you are also inspired to support BubyNoa and save a little green at the same time this holiday season. For 10% off your purchase use code "4OTANDET" valid through 3 February 2014.

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