currently... Christmastime and the livin's easy

Oh my gosh you guys I'm writing this post from my parents' PC and they have Windows 8 and I want to kill myself.

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Baking zilch since we've been getting ready for this weeklong holiday but SERIOUSLY Bing is the default websearch for Windows 8? It's completely impossible to figure out how to switch it to Google. My parents are screwed.

Loving my kids and husband for being awesome traveling companions yesterday during our 17 hour schlep from Eugene to Phoenix. My kids were troopers, yo. I got Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf! I finally found a Vogue which Imma read this week yippee! Like major yippee cayay muthafuckas! I seriously love Vogue so much, did you realize?

Missing how good a normal browser situation is and wondering why Windows 8 is the biggest piece of garbage ever unleashed.

Craving Dunkin Donuts and it's like a minute from my parents' house. This is gonna get dicey. Also craving the down time and family face time we're about to indulge in. Let the holiday times roll!

Laughing at these dogs that just CAN NOT handle it, haha, thanks Cassie for this: http://www.buzzfeed.com/mattbellassai/animals-that-cannot-even-handle-it-right-now I mean HOW IS HE ABLE TO BE WITH ALL THEM BEANS?   

My apologies for this post I'm tired and on vacay and it's actually unbearable wearing the itchy hair shirt that is Windows 8 and I'm out. I'm just out. XO Happy Holidays!

That was this week and then we are taking a 2 week break!
Currently is set to return again on January 9. 

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