Hey guys. I hope your holidays have been just the best! We are back from our trip to Arizona and kinda sorta getting ourselves back into schedule. It's difficult because Rob's on winter break and Otto's school chooses to do a piecemeal schedule this time of year, only offering daycare on days when enough parents have signed up. We're feeling a little all over the place with life, but also full of pre-New Year energy and anticipation for what 2014 will bring. I have a lot of ideas brewing for this year, things I'm so excited about that I don't even want to put them into words just yet. My heart is full to bursting and I'm thinking, thinking, thinking about all the possibilities this life has to offer. It's a great, though a bit scary, place to have my head. Ha.

Our Christmas vacation was head-to-toes wonderful. It was busy but also just relaxing enough. I came down with a little throat condition (it was real bad) that kept any date nights from happening, but on the plus side... ok no plus side it was lame and I sounded like a creep and no one wanted to stand by me or be my friend. Boo. But other than a not-sexy-raspy-voice and too much coughing, the trip was just amazing.

We had an extended family photo shoot, hopefully the first of an annual tradition. I wanted to share this pic of Otto and Loretta and their three cousins. Seeing these cousins united, bonding, playing, just running shoulder to shoulder, arguing, and generally being friends and loving each other... it was one of the top highlights of the holidays for me. I'm a good deal older than my next closest cousin and just never got to be close to my cousins, at least not as a kid. I adore my cousins and am so glad to have relationships with them now, but as a kid I don't have memories of playing with my cousins, more babysitting them or being a mopey teenager reading in the corner while they played. Anyways, that's fine, but I just wanted to share that I love what I see when these kiddos, five of them under five this year (!), got together and buddied up. It was magic. And what a cute crew, eh?

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luv2beanana said...

It was a wonderful, noisy, fulfilling and full of joy and love kind of holiday. The best one so far. Loved the extended family photo shoot. It was perfect. Good idea Linz. Miss you guys so much.