snow day

We have had a weekful of snow days and now it's back to normal (thank goodness). Our first snow day, right after it had snowed overnight and we woke up to snow coming down like crazy, while we were still super excited at the wonderland and happy to spend a day holed up at home, was the nicest. French toast, a couple of outings into the yard (Etta watched impatiently as Otto and Rob played, then insisted on going out herself, then immediately scolded me, "Cold! Brrrr!"), a quinoa mushroom and rice bake (yum), board games and legos during Etta's nap, Christmas movies and cocoa with popcorn, and Etta in several wardrobe changes (pants layers are all the rage for near-2 year olds these days). It was just a perfect perfect day.

Now we are trying to play catch up from the rest of the week. Hurrying to get our Christmas to-do's together, for Rob to finish up his semester, and also just life things like groceries and chores. Snow days are fun, snow weeks a little grueling. But it's nice when you just adore the ones you're snowed in with.

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