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It's been a whiiiiiiile since we took a couple of weeks off from Currently for the holidays. I'm so glad to get back in the swing of things, missed this! Currently is a weekly link-up that I happily co-host with the fabulous and amazing  Randalin ♥ of Harvesting Kale each week. We hope that you can participate by writing your own Currently post (using our themes or your own) and please join us by linking up.

Hey we are looking for people(s) to cohost for a few weeks sometime soon as Ms. Randalin will need a break when she has her baby (!!!) (::fireworks all over the place::) so while she takes some time to settle into life as a mama of two, if any of you would be interested in co-hosting with me for a bit please let us know.

So! What have you been resolving, anticipating, eating, making, remembering this week? Over here, we have been...

Resolving quite a few things and I just love it. I've gone back on the Nothing New spending diet and so far so good, yo. Otto is taking on some new responsibilities in 2014 including a weekly list of spelling words at home and handful of small chores. He'll earn $2/week in allowance with a $1 spelling bonus each Friday. Miss Loretta remains staunch in her life mission to take over the world, one cookie demand at a time.

Anticipating Saturday and here's why! 1. Some friends of ours who keep chickens are letting me bring the kids over super early in the morning to gather eggs. Until I was 7 I grew up on a farm, surrounded by rows of corn & soy with cows, chickens, pigs, and (my favorite) goats either on our farm or on our neighbors' farms. One of my most vivid memories from super early kidhood is bottle-feeding a baby goat at our neighbor's house. So being able to get my kids into a chicken coop is going to be magic for them and for me to see. 2. First professional cut and color in over a year! I'm getting this blonde color-corrected so it's more champagne and honey, less tangerine. I've been gathering inspiration images on Pinterest here. Pretty right? Wish me luck! 

Eating leftover cake and cuties from Otto's party every day. We froze the extra cake and it's the first thing I do after the kids go to bed each night. Yum! Oh was I supposed to say eating healthy resolutiony things? Well I eat like a nerd granola 365 days a year and that hasn't changed, haha, but for the next month that's going to include some kickass leftover birthday cake in the nighttime. Cake cake cake cake cake!

Making project-per-month PROJECT progress. I owe a post here about the bookcase dollhouse we made Etta for Christmas. We finished it the night of the 25th I'm just behind on taking pictures and doing the post. Anyways, it's the cutest thing ever. And for January I think I may be making the guest room into a bedroom for Loretta. We're thinking of transitioning Otto back into his own bed but he doesn't like sharing a room with Etta because she sometimes wakes him up. I get it, buddy. So anyways, that's going to take more elbow grease than anything and I'm hoping I can just power through in January.

Remembering something that is helping me to be a less anxious person lately. Much needed, really. I'm kind of a basketcase on wheels. It's this little saying I stumbled upon that I really connected with, "All is well and All will be well and All manner of things will be well." I've also been trying to remember that other people's opinions are valid. Haha! It's true guys, I'm not the end-all be-all opinion of the universe. I was shocked to hear this too.... Um? Isn't it awful that I have to remind myself that. Oh well, sometimes I just do have to say to myself, "Even though I disagree with this, it isn't personal, or all that important." And then I can decide when to just make my recommendation and walk away versus which battles are worth waging.    

That was this week and here are next week's themes:
missing, wanting, loving, preparing, regretting 

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