I know a guy who is five...

Sometimes you find yourself with so many words for how you're feeling and sometimes you don't. I am so proud of this little man. I'm a little numb with wonder that he's five. But I haven't found tears in ringing in Otto's sixth year, just peace. He's been a baby for a long time and he's ready to graduate to being a full fledged school-aged kid. A great little kid. I may not be ready to let go, but we'll find our way (haha). This little sweetheart is so smart and caring and fun and funny, he's wild, he's tenacious, and he's just totally and completely ready to take on all the things that 5 will bring: kindergarten, karate classes, reading, earning allowance, having chores, being more thoughtful in his actions (this is a gentle way of saying Less Whining, More Please and Thank Yous) learning guitar, tying his shoes (already mastered, what a champ!) and deciding if it's time for a haircut (which he is adamant it is NOT because he wants to look like Mick Jagger and because, in his words, "I want the girls to like me.")

I love you my little man. You gave me my greatest gift: motherhood. You taught me to find joy in the best and most trying of moments. You gave me a reason to better myself. You inspire me. You make me belly laugh. You are nothing but the best kind of potential and I won't let you down, I'll do everything I can to help you along, paving the way and helping you pave your own way, as you grow into an amazing adolescent, teenager, and adult. My little man. Ok, now I'm crying.

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