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What have you been missing, wanting, loving, preparing, regretting this week? Over here, we have been...

Missing my life idol, Tim Gunn, for MONTHS now and I'm so freaking excited that Under the Gunn starts tonight! May his poise and charm and good taste inspire my heart as I eat cake in my sweats this evening.

Wanting chickens and bees. Last Saturday some friends let us visit their chickens, feed them meal worms, gather eggs, and HOLD A CHICKEN and now I have chickens on the brain. Bees were already on the brain. Somewhere reasonable inside of me a little mini-me is saying I should hold off on this stuff until Rob graduates (in 2 years) and somewhere romantic inside of me a little-farmer-me is holding a little pitchfork and winking and smiling and looking damn cute in her fancy mud boots (no but really, chickens or no chickens, I want these).

Loving my kiddos' ages right now. 

Otto's imagination, at just 5, is enough to burst a heart. He'll spend hours creating scenarios for his stickers, figures, or just drawings. He's obsessed with superheros, super powers, villains, and adventures. I just love to overhear him as he plays out these scenes, with all the boy noise, "Oh yeah, well I'll freeze you! Pow! Ahhhhhh! It bounced off my shield! Now I'll fly! Whooosh!" Loretta is starting to talk in sentences, still mostly cookie demands, but we've graduated to really well put together sentences like, "No wait Mommy cookie! Cookie! Peeeeeees!" Um, no human can say no to this. Good thing she thinks granola bars and animal crackers are cookies.

Preparing to plan out my summer garden in the next month or so. I've never gardened with any intelligence and it shows in the fact that the fruits of my (ahem, cough cough) hard work have always been pretty meager. This year I'm plotting, planning, and spending time. I'm also only planting heirloom varieties this year, with a goal of saving seeds for next year. How funny that at 35 I find myself so connected to all these food ideas and the romance of tending and growing our own food. My dad was a farmer, my grandpa was a rancher, but it's only been recently that these interests have taken root in me.

Regretting nothing! I'm in the mood to not waste time on regrets. Let's learn from our mistakes and always try to improve and enjoy moments and plan for brighter futures. Regrets are for criminals, not moms who do all they can to keep food on the table, clothes on the backs, kindness in the hearts, and laughter on the lips. Am I right?

That was this week and here are next week's themes:
reading, loving, cooking, avoiding, laughing 

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