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In the coming weeks, Randalin will be taking a little break from regularly scheduled programming in order to snuggle a newborn, read books, eat lunch with friends, and wander around Target grinning. I = jealous. While she's away, we'll have two new co-hosts for Currently:

Kate of Just Pirouette & Carry On is someone I dream of one day sailing an ocean, just so I can hug her and Colleen of Mommy Panda is a vintage loving, crafting son-of-a-gun and I just love her!

So! What have you been reading, loving, cooking, avoiding, laughing this week? Over here, we have been...

Reading Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator to Otto at bedtime, as we finished the Chocolate Factory last week. I'm going to say something wildly controversial here. Elevator is a lesser Dahl. Gasp! But true. After this we're onto The Marvelous Land of Oz and I'm pretty stoked for it. Also reading and reading and reading to Loretta. She is gobbling up language so awesomely these days so she'll sit through the actual words for a bit but what she really wants is to have every picture in every book described to her. It's super fun and FORGETABOUTIT if any character in any book is eating anything that resembles a cookie. Because holy shit that's her favorite favorite thing.

Loving this little lull in life following the holidays. Our living room feels open and calm without the tree up. Our schedule feels uneventful and restful without hustle and bustle. Our fridge feels full of good leftovers now that there's a little time again to cook and bake. And I am just a boring person and love a good weekend day here or there where there is absolutely nothing set in stone on the calendar.

Cooking this rib eye roast, this pear & apple crumble, this weird bubble pizza thing, and this orange tofu. I've been leaning on Pinterest pretty heavy for recipes lately and so far it's done me solid. The tofu is the only one of the above that I haven't tried yet (but got the ingredients) and I'm pretty excited about it!

Avoiding work on Monday. Just kidding? Well Loretta's sitter had Monday off so it was up to me to keep her and we made the most. We did a girls' trip to Buffalo Exchange and she charmed the pants off all the cool kids who work there, meanwhile mama scored some new to me Lucky boots, a Free People poncho, and a handful of other tops all for trade! I love it when they buy things; when they don't I always feel all rejected even though they're rejecting my rejects. Here's my lady date, what a peanut.

Laughing at my husband and kids and the horrible sounds they have been making with Garage Band this week. The (ahem) music makes my shoulders twitch but the joy they get from dancing to their homemade techno beats that include Etta saying, "Cookie." over and over is pretty much magic. Remember Ross Gellar on keyboard? Electrifying.... Infinite time time time time.

That was this week and here are next week's themes:
owning, wearing, thinking, drinking, dancing 

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