currently... spray Lysol in our wake

An untired mommy would come up with a really charming caption for this picture. Something about how cute she is; ain't she a stinker? And when she's sick how that cute face lets her get away with... being a dick? Whatever I'm a tired mommy. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Currently is a weekly link-up that I happily co-host with the fabulous and amazing  Randalin ♥ of Harvesting Kale. We hope that you can participate by writing your own Currently post (using our themes or your own) and please join us by linking up.

psst. Randalin is taking a few weeks off from regularly scheduled programming in order to snuggle a newborn (coming soon) and do lovely nesting things while wearing sweat pants and eating pickle flavored potato chips. While she's away, we'll have two new co-hosts for Currently.

This week our co-host is Kate of Just Pirouette & Carry On. I adore Kate and you will too! She is the funnest, funniest, most earnest and honest and awesome mama of 2 adorable little lasses. They farm a plot and make their own elderberry liquor. I dream of one day sailing an ocean, just so I can hug her!

So! What have you been owning, wearing, thinking, drinking, dancing this week? Over here, we have been...

Otto has been Owning me when it comes to his hair. I can only say so many things about this. This is one of those pick your battles moments. A big part of my heart loves that he has made a decision based on his own personal taste (he's the only boy among his friends with a Rapunzel thing going on) and I'm happy to let him have control over his hair. I mean it's hair for crap's sake, who really cares? Another part of me, a part that really wants the hair out of his freaking eyes, wants to chop-a-lop that shag! Oh well. I kick his ass at charades. So I guess we are even.

Etta has just started Wearing hand-me-downs of Otto's that he was wearing when she was a baby. So it's like she's entered into the stage of hand-me-downs that overlap her own life. This is a crazy milestone that is freaking me out probably more than it should. It's just trippy, that's all.

I've been Thinking that Spring can spring already. Winter be gone! I hate you, Winter! 

and Drinking the tea from Aveda. Do we all know about this magical organic blend of sweet magic magicness? I'm a straight up coffee lover, no mistake, but this tea is amazing. And with all the coughing happening in my house this week, a little tea has been in order, and I just seriously love that stuff.

We've been Dancing to the Star Wars score channel on Pandora. It's super majestic and we're all super majestic battle dancers, so there are awesome kitchen ballets with wooden spoon light sabers happening over here nonstop. Um... It's cooler than it sounds.

That was this week and here are next week's themes:
watching, saying, losing, admiring, making 

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