Crap-Tastic Crafts! Cheap and Fun and That's All That Matters...

Disclaimer: It's like 1 in the morning and I think I'm high on Coke Zero

Ot and I have been enjoying some cheap-errific (aka Crap-Tastic) craft supplies lately and I wanted to share because... Seriously: super cheap and also... Seriously: super good times!

First, I started this lil bag of cut-out letters in case I ever wanted to anonymously harass someone or do a ransom. You can tell I'm a seasoned criminal by the way I say "do a ransom" right? 

Anyways, so far I haven't used them for crime (I think my fingerprints are all over them anyway) but Ot and I enjoy spelling out words and his name with the letters. Pretty often if Otto's entertaining himself coloring or something I'll just sit down with a magazine or catalogue and cut out the larger/cooler letters to add to our collection. I think as he gets older and starts spelling these will be a lot of fun to have around. At some point I might even organize them in one of those bead box things (yeah right - I will never do this but it would be very organized of me if I did).

Second, we started a rubber stamp collection (for free!). We had over $100 in trade at Bookmans, a local used book store, and while we were there book shopping (I'm desperate to find Washington: A Life used - go ahead, judge me) I spotted baskets of used rubber stamps in the craft book section. Most of the stamps were for scrapbooking and kind of lame but we found a few gems that have been so much fun. I totally plan to keep checking back with them because Otto is seriously into his stamp collection and the stamps were between $1 and $5 each so we still have loads of trade left:

Here is a little known fact: You can color on rubber stamps with markers.

I'm sure that blew no one's mind but just thought I'd say it because stamp pads are weirdly expensive. I'm also thinking of homemaking some ink pads with felt scraps and food coloring. I haven't researched this yet but is sounds (in my brain) like a great idea. I'll keep you posted.

So the good times have been rolling... A favorite is to stamp the cupcake by the cow's face so he's eating it. Yup - when it's time to party we will always party hard!

Ps. Otto got 2 stickers this afternoon for peeing in the potty! (Did you just jump out of your chair with excitement?) It was at this moment when I could tell he had to pee (there are signs) but he didn't want to stop playing to go to the potty. I said, "if you potty in the toilet you can have 2 special stickers" and dudes: bribe worked! ps. Is there anyone out there who thinks/knows this was an ungood method? If so, please share.

So there you have it. 2 super cheap (maybe even free) craft ideas. Cut-out letters and used rubber stamps. Whoot!

xo guys,


Acornsales said...

Outstanding idea to carve my own rubber stamp..... willl definitely tryyyyyyyyy.......

PoetessWug said...

You mommies are amazing!! I look at the table and feel a headache starting! LOL I pee in the potty too! NOBODY gives me stickers! I'm jealous of Otto!! ^_^

OT and ET said...

Acorn are you ok??? haha. Well please report back. I did this once years ago and it worked out great but you need carving tools.

Ms. Wug I will ALWAYS send you potty stickers! Always! So proud of you, haha :)

Alana said...

You always come up with such good ideas and crafts to do with O.
I hope I can get it together like that when D wants to craft! I am afraid I will throw a coloring book at him and tell him to have fun!

OT and ET said...

I save the coloring books for me! And I save the throwing things at people for Rob :)

ps. I <3 you, thank you for the comment xoxo!!

drench city said...

Kudos on the Andrew W.K. reference ;)

Unknown said...

You should blog on Coke Zero more often. What a charming post! FYI, foam stickers can be used for stamping too. If you stick them onto a rolling pin and ink/paint the stickers, you can roll them onto butcher paper to make wrapping paper.


Elizabeth said...

I totally dig the felt and food dye idea! test it out and tell us how it goes!

OT and ET said...

Thank you Rebecca! And so funny that you mention the foam stickers - my MIL saw this post and sent us 3 ink pads and then loads of foam stickers. It must be meant to be - I'll try the rolling pin thing this weekend with watercolor paint. Thanks!

Elizabeth, I totally think this would work! I'm going to try it soon and I'll report back!