ThriftSplosion! $20 and a Presidents' Day Sale...

Welcome to my insomnia post. I had to work tonight. Coffee happened. Now it's 2:00 am, egad! So something like 100 years ago earlier today I stumbled onto a 50% off sale at the thrift store, holla! President's Day Sale! Whootie toot toot! Even though the kids' section was sadly picked over, I totally thriftSploded all over the joint and for $20 got a total shopping spree out of the occasion. See...

New favorite sweater. New favorite skirt. Check out the little belt & pocket on the skirt - gah!


Little blue sweater. Pink a-line paisley skirt.

When Rob saw this next one he said, "well, they can't all be winners." Fact: he is super funny.

Plus 2 wine glasses (sorely needed, we were down to one in the house). Now we have three... time to host a dinner party where one other person comes over!

Not too shabby for $20 eh?

Question: Do you hate the grandpa sweater? I kind of don't hate it.

OH!! Otto told a joke at dinner tonight. We were all eating dinner together and suddenly Ot like furrowed his brow, scrunched down in his chair and was like concentrating. So as parents of a toddler of course we were like, "are you pooping?" and turns out he wasn't but this led us all to discuss where everyone goes poop (obvi). So we asked, "Where does Daddy go poop?" and Otto replies, "Daddy goes poop on the toilet. Mommy goes poop in the back yard!" Then he cracked UP! 

My favorite joke ever.


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