Just a Little Extra-Happy Moment

Today was all kinds of nuts busy. My parents came into town to visit and it was absolutely heartwarming (pure joy) for me to watch Otto just light up as their car pulled into the driveway. "Nana Lee! Papa Mike!"

He knows them now, like really really knows them and he just about burst with excitement when he saw them. Then tried to claw his way out of his high chair (which faces our kitchen picture window - so he knew it the second they arrived) to go greet them (in the front yard, wearing only a shark hat and a pull-up, oh boy). We'd been playing play-doh and sharing some early morning spaghetti & meatball leftovers... maybe not the most hygenic moment, but a happy one. 

The rest of the day is a blur of Otto entertaining, showing off, singing for, bossing around, and otherwise reveling in the love and attention he gets from my mom and dad. It was fun, funny, exhausting. But one of my favorite moments of the whole day - a moment I'm so glad I captured on "film" - was just a few minutes before they got here when we were practicing slurping spaghetti noodles. So I wanted to share:

Ahhh, this was my little extra-happy moment. Hope you are having fun, funny, even exhausting weekends too!


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