A Lil Weekend Roadtrip

This weekend we made the 6 (well 8 1/2 if you're us) hour each way road trip to visit some friends in San Diego, hobnob with their 1 year old, enjoy the beach (so pretty), and eat lots and lots of old fashioned donuts. Mmmmm donuts. Also mmmmmm...

Killing boredom on a lonnnng drive. Part 2 = waste not.
 You know how to make a 2 year old crawl out of his skin and go all Wild Rumpus on you? Take him on an 8 1/2 hour road trip. Then do it again two days later.

Poor kid. On Friday as we headed west he was moaning, "I neeeeed the ocean. Oceannnnnnn," around hour 5. Sad. 3 1/2 hours to go my wonderful child. And when we went through a drive thru and the lady came on the radio to ask us what we wanted Otto shouts, "California!" Ps. That lady was no fun.

Although the cutest child of all time, I do wish he was smiling or even just not-stoned looking in this pic, but he'd had it with life by the time we reached our friends' house in SD. ps. Do you die for the greenery? It's insanity. San Diego = paradise. Paradise, Exhibit B (view from their living room window) -->

I'm so glad we went to the beach Friday afternoon because it rained cold cold rain all day Saturday.

Daddy helps wee man touch the surf.
 Saturday morning Otto woke up at 4:30 am. Let me scream that: 4:30AM! ...and threatened to raise the roof with his whines, hollers, and whatever. Anyways, we high-tailed it outta the house so we wouldn't wake up our friends or their little munchkin. We ended up taking Captain Loudy McSour to Denny's for breakfast. He was sooooo full of static energy and whines. I blame us for dragging him on vacation, but still, it was soooo exhausting to deal with at 5am.

On Saturday we went to the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center. In the below pic do you recognize Ot's hoodie? That's right! My mother-in-law saw my pathetic droolings over this hoodie in an earlier post and got Ot one in a 3t and another color for next year in a 4t! Love love love.

Saturday night we were celebrating a Leap Year birthday for a friend (I love that) and were treated with homemade mojitos and a fondue extravaganza and leftover donuts and wine and snapea crisps. Obvi this was torture.

And then today Ot woke up at 4:30 again (yippee) so we hit the road early. The mountains outside of San Diego were covered in ice and snow and it was crazy pretty but we had to go slow for a while. Poor Ot hung in there like a champ but he was really glad to be home again tonight. And he zonked out before his head hit the pillow at bedtime. 

Happy sigh for this weekend. Despite the long drive and wound up kiddo, happy happy sigh! So what did you guys do this weekend? Who's watching the Oscars? I AM JEALOUS OF YOU! We got rid of cable last month and have no tv right now. Totally fine 364 days/year, totally crap-ola on Oscar night!


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