documenting the belly and the 3 week countdown left-to-dos

it's not that i hang out in the bathroom all the time, i just need to get a tripod and/or get over my camera shyness already. every time rob takes my picture for this blog i feel like a huge douchebag (do you guys feel that way, or do you all have tripods? what's the trick?). anyways, when i take my own pictures i can never seem to smile without looking like a scared douchebag, oh and always in the bathroom. super cool! but anyways, i wanted a real, honest-to-goodness belly shot and here's the best i could do. she's large!
the baby's corner of our bedroom is 90% complete which feels so nice to type out loud! just a couple of my mom's vintage baby dresses left to hang on the wall to spruce up the joint and then i'll share real pics. but here are some highlights...
otto's old baby toys and gifted baby toys laundered and ready for chubby hands
clearance valentine frames from target ($1.50 each whoot!) ready to be filled with sweet cooing baby pictures
basket of otto's old socks (were his feet ever that small?) plus gifted and thrifted socks laundered and ready for teeny perfect feet. i just remembered the curling foot reflex, ohhhh heart heart heart! i am actually starting to get past the panic and be excited for miss loretta to arrive.
a little diy decor thanks to a pompom garland tutorial by emily bilbrey which she guest posted at little big blog here. they aren't as scrappy looking in person, but when i do this again i will probably use about 30% more yarn. still, what a cute and free way to spruce up a baby's corner!

still to-do before little miss makes the scene:
- pack a bag for the birth center
- pack an Otto bag for the birth center (activities, snacks, jammies)
- install the baby seat in the van... it's thrown in there for now so rob can install it in a jam, but i'd like him to install it before the fact. it just seems like the "right" thing to do, although when i think about it, who cares? but whatever.
- clean the crap out of this house. it was fairly clean about a week ago but our week of ill plumbing sort of got us behind on laundry grrrrrrr about that! freaking grrrrrr!

omg is that it? it might be. wow. she's almost here and we're almost prepared. that's a pretty freaky thing to think about. then it'll be like, "hello! what do we do with you now? ack!" and we'll have this new person in our house. bizarre. but i'm excited to meet her. i wonder what she'll look like? i wonder who she'll be? it's the beginning of a new chapter. holy smokes.


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