just a little to-do for valentine's day

things worth waking up 45 minutes early for (even on a workday)...

♥ eggs in a heart basket, love-ly cinnamon french toast, strawberries ♥
♥ toddler smiles ♥
♥ garbagey adorable goodies ♥
♥ art appreciation ♥
♥ sweet gifts from sweet boys ♥

a really short story about my flowers...

rob and i agreed to not do a thing for each other this valentine's day. that we'd just do a little breakfast for Ot and call it a tuesday. but late last night while he was out buying "study food" for his midterms which are this week, he spotted the clearance flowers at albertson's. so he bought nutter butters, soda, just horrible horrible stuff for himself to get through the tests, and then the $2 half-alive bouquet you see here. (how the cashiers must have been judging him, haha! some lucky lady has got herself a winner with this one!) anyways, after breakfast this morning rob was running the garbage outside and came back in with the flowers he'd hidden in the car. i was getting ready for work, so Otto came running into the bathroom to give me the flowers. i was like, "oh, Otto, these are so beautiful thank you so much, my little valentine!" and Otto says, "don't look at me, daddy found them outside."


anyways, it was a really special morning and i loved it and love my $2 flowers. i really do have a winner with that one. i hope you all had equally sweet little valentine's days. 


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