mama steez, otto super steez

ok i think i've officially hit the point in this pregnancy where it just really isn't cute anymore. it looks like it hurts because... it... does. just being honest. i feel like violet beauregarde and it turns out i pretty much look like her too. when i got dressed this morning i thought i had some kind of pregnant-but-workin-it gwen stefani thing going what with the maxi dress and all. ha! then i saw the pics. egad. gwen stefani i am not. probably a wake up call i needed to have at some point anyways. not gwen stefani not gwen stefani.
on mama: sweater (thrifted), maxi dress (Lauren Conrad from a clothing swap), boots (Delia's).

we really did step out today. such a busy day! the little cheese got a much needed haircut which kinda made mama sad. we have this cycle where i try to grow it out over and over but it always hits this point where his bangs are growing straight into his eyes and no matter how much product we use, those stinkin bangs become a problem. i asked rob if we could maybe tie a "guy" hairband over his head 70s ninja style for a while and the answer was a resounding, "ARE YOU CRAZY?" so haircut it was! i swear every haircut makes him look a whole year older. ::sniff sniff::

then we went to Target to gift shop for a birthday party we attended this afternoon, then Goodwill just because we had 20 minutes and it's right by Target. i found 3 really cute salad plates that are old and yellow and totally made me happy so that was a nice $3 score. then to our friends' house for lunch of gumbo and cornbread with maple butter. amazing! somewhere in there a plumber came and fixed our old house's cruddy pipes for the 2nd time this week. we've been without decent shower and unable to do laundry all week, which has made a crabby "nester" out of me since all i want to do is keep this house clean and tidy! then said party. and now, finally, chill out time. maybe even head-to-bed-at-8pm-time. i think yes!

otto was looking especially dashing and hamming it up especially heavily today -->
on the bot: sweatshirt (preloved), button up (levi's), pants (gymboree thrifted), sneaks (vans).

this made me laugh. ot in his room earlier yells to me so we have this conversation from different rooms...

otto: can i throw this in the garbage?
me: what is it?
otto: it's garbage

haha! basically, "duh, mom" well i hope you are all having super good weekends. how is it the end of february already??!!


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