Ot and Et {the new name}

in preparation for the addition of the little lady very very (eek, very!) soon, "Otto's Mom Blogs" is now officially "Ot and Et" 

you know Ot --> the cute munchkin toe head that makes my world go round.

well very soon you'll get to meet little Et too. Et is short for Loretta Cecille, a name we chose after much much ado. some of you heard about this name drama ad nauseum because choosing her name had me in tears many many times and i vented on twitter on more than one occasion. rob and i have the most opposite taste in names you could imagine. but when we settled on Loretta, after my grandma on my dad's side, and Cecille, after rob's sister and one of my favorite people in the world, well it just felt immediately right.

i wanted to share with you one of my favorite pictures in the world. this is my dad (when he was not yet two) with my grandma (such a fashionable dame)! she meant the world to me and so sadly she passed away when Otto was still a newborn. i miss her so much and am so honored to be able to name our daughter after this strong, funny, smart, independent woman who was such an inspiration to my life and such a loving grandmother always.


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