point a to point b

well we have finally moved everything from point a to point b! our new home is so pretty, sunlit, and spacious. i cannot WAIT to share some home tour photos soon, once everything is in its place. for now, though, it is an unsettled hot mess. here is my view tonight, even with everything all around us in piles, i just love it here already...
nope, that's no mystery ghost in the reflection. it's just Rob doing his math-ing in the other room. the babies are asleep upstairs. my parents are in town this week and we have all kinds of fun planned for this weekend. mellow fun like watching tomorrow night's Oregon Ducks game on cable, going to the farmer's market, hiking to an easily hiked if you're baby-wearing waterfall, hoping to find an excellent used washer and dryer for pennies at St. Vinnie's, and Voodoo Donuts. that plus getting all unpacked and settled into this old house should keep us pretty busy for the next few days.

also Rob's birthday is on Monday. happy 34th to my sweetheart! we don't really give each other traditional presents, but i do think Otto and i will have to make a cake with lots of decorations and ice cream on the side.

moving is the best and the worst. it's so nice to audit every single thing you own and get rid of so much! down with clutter! and it's so nice to be somewhere new that suits your life better (or you'd hope so anyways). but it's also exhausting. i'm pooped. my poor, weak mama hips are barking from all the heavy-thing-lifting. also i'm sleepy. wishing you all well rested, enjoyable, waterfall and donut-filled Labor Day weekends as well. may your days not be filled with overflowing moving boxes and your nights be filled with Pyramid Apricot Ale. xo

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