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last night was such an odyssey i almost don't have words...

turns out i am a super-slow drawer using NEW FANCY PAINT coupled with that i have to thumb-draw this shiz on my laptop... but you get the idea. an emergency trip to Buffalo Exchange for pants (grabbed 10 pairs, tried on while baby-wearing, had sales girl cut tags off first pair that fit so i could wear them outta there, and then SNAP!) we jammed to the grocery for a dessert to share at the picnic and we were only 45 minutes late to the meet-and-greet first-of-year get-together at Otto's school last night (he didn't notice, hurray! will purposefully be arriving 45 minutes late next year). 

so instead of finishing this post in the graphic novel style, i'm going to quick participate in Randalin and Wendy 's weekly "currently" theme. currently i am

Wishing... the next five days were history. please send positive thoughts for Rob as he takes his qualifying exams. 

Reading... lots of stuff at work, nothing at home. 

Eating... sweets as part of this new gig of mine at Sugar Loco. yum! i should have some links to reviews to share with you very soon but i learned a great lesson last night which is that if i eat 2 enormous cookies right before bed and then nurse baby there may be a 2 hour window of cuddling a punchy, rolly, arm-flaily wiggle worm in the middle of the night that is super, really, a lot not restful.

Anticipating... this time next week when we should be feeling all kinds of calm and maybe even planning a weekend Ikea trip to Portland to get Otto a bed on stilts.

Missing... my friends who are scattered all over the world right now and my family who are mostly all in a single location that i wish we were much closer to than we are.

TGIF friends, may my little family just hang in there with the chaos for another 5 days. xo!

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