i will eat it with my tooth!

this little missy has teethed her first tooth. it is the cutest little pearly chomper peeking out of her bottom gum. in the midst of our move and a visit from my parents and unpacking and everything else, poor little lady had some hardcore teething to deal with. she was feeling pretty rough for several days and then insto presto on Monday (Labor Day and also her dad's birthday) she decided to just go for it and the tooth made its appearance! since then she's been feeling much better, all smiles, and eating up a storm of solids. she has come around to peas but her favorites still seem to be any of the orange foods, like butternut squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, and heavenly canteloupe.

in "Annoying but Good for my Soul" news my iphone has decided to take a 2 week vacation. so i won't be on Instagram or Twitter nearly as much as usual while i impatiently await its return from Apple where its battery is getting an overhaul. forced non-social-mediaizing is already wearing thin but it's probably good to take a break from all the connectedness every now and again.

we're still unpacking and getting settled. we got our wish and found our washer and dryer for a steal at St. Vinnie's and then my parents were overgenerous for like the zillionth time and got them for us as a birthday gift for Rob. those arrived yesterday so we should be up-and-running with clean clothes and everything by this weekend! it's starting to feel like home. i just love it and can't wait to share pictures soon once we have everything in its place.

hope your week is going well. can you believe those thighs on my little babushka? heart heart heart! legwarmers c/o BabyLegs (<-- not a sponsored link, just a friendly one). and we finally found Otto's old Sophie giraffe for Loretta! hurray! she loves it and her smaller Sophie teether more than anything. chew chew chew!

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