moccasins and boots for fall

My feet have grow-splosioned yet again. My dogs have been barkin' for months but it actually took me way too long to realize I needed new shoes. Like all summer. Like I've been coming home from work with sore, swollen feet every single day, feet that were crammed into my too-small shoes all day and being like, "man, my feet are acting crazy what is UP?!?!" instead of, "man, my shoes are clearly too small!"

But no longer! One much-awaited trip to DSW this weekend and my feet are all set for fall with the cutest pair of moccasins and new tall boots. Yipee! I guess I am going through a southwestern thing? Except I really don't think I am.

I've seen quite a few ladies who are much more stylish than me pulling off this moccasin thing lately and so when I saw these sweet softies by Rock and Candy I felt like maybe I could "bring it" enough to rock the mocs this fall. Two days in and going strong. Love them! Since I stepped out to Ikea in them I'll be linking up with Mandy at The Haps for her "Steppin Out" post this week.

The boots above were only $60 and look so much like these ones from Free People that I was coveting that I feel like I win some kind of cheapskate happiness award! 

So our weekend was pretty quiet. We did a road trip to Ikea today that left me a little exhausted and a little underwhelmed and also pissed at myself for opting not to get some curtains that I really should've gotten and now it's too late because Ikea is faaaaar away. But whatever. We did get Otto a twin bed that we'll paint & build next weekend and that's super exciting. 
And this little missy? Well, I just wanted to share this pic because this little missy is about as sweet as they come. 

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