greetings autumn, i'm gonna own you!

or something...
first tights of the season, my friends! how i greeted them with mixed feelings. so much love and yet, these cooler days and downright chilly nights mean autumn is officially on the way and soon the horrifyingly big sun (did you know the sun is like a million times larger than earth? i just heard this and spent a good chunk of time looking at google images of "sun earth scale" and am dazzled. that is nuts big) anyways that big warm bright guy will pack up his duffel bag full of sleeveless summer 2012 tanks and blow this popstand for the next 9 months while the grey ass rain sets in. even though i love tights so so much, i just don't think i'm ready for autumn just yet.
there are some things about this upcoming autumn that i am pretty excited about though. i have this almost freed feeling when i think about it. Rob will be taking his qual exams over the next couple of weeks and once those are over, providing he passes (eep!), then he will simply be around more, going forward. and that will mean the world to me. i've missed him and i will also value having him here more to help me divide and conquer these little kids of ours. they can be a real handful some days as wonderful as they are.
here are some of the other things i'm looking forward to about fall...

boots   my feet grew nearly a halfsize and/or got a bit wider with my pregnancy. i've had to get rid of so many shoes i really love because they kill my feet now. lame! anyways, one thing i'm going to do really soon is invest in a great pair of boots. tall, flat boots that look great over jeans and with tights and a skirt or dress. i love these and these but they are both a little pricey. hmmm. i was also inspired by James' recent post about simple style, do you read her amazing blog?

sweets   i am so excited to share with you that i am the newest contributing writer over at Sugar Loco! i'll be doing occasional reviews of different sweets and maybe even sweet shops in the Eugene and Portland areas. i'll let you know each time i have a post up over there. in fact i am sampling some desserts for a review as we speak and have been all day! this is gonna be a sweet gig!

fitness   so here we are six months post partum and i realize i really need to get my booty in gear. i'm not talking about going on a diet (see "sweets" above) but i do want to start exercising every single day. all days! all of them! my body is close enough to my normal weight but i don't know, it just feels wishy washy and really is the dumpiest it has ever been. just to be real here: i have boobs of different sizes flapping around well below the area where boobs should be; my stomach is squish city, and there is an arm situation. so my plan is to keep weights and sneakers in this little cubby in our living room and every evening after the babies are asleep i will put on my sneakers and grab those weights and exercise to the TV for at least 20 minutes. and i'd also really like to start jogging again, even if it's just once a week. and going to weekly hard core yoga with my friend Emmeline (and then treating ourselves to fountain coke zeros on the way home, yes!). so that is the fitness plan

::two thumbs up, scared smile::

this old house   everything in its place. a twin or full sized bed for Otto. and some actual decorating. fuck yeah.

yes i can!   we finally have room to do things in the kitchen and i am so excited to learn how to can things. preserves, salsas, pickles, fruits, butters... all of the things! i have so much excitement in my heart about this canning business.
how cute is this book i found on Pinterest? but i will probably just dig around at the thrift store... i bet they have ten million books on canning.

question ♥ for all of you canners out there, can i just buy mason jars at the thrift store willy nilly? are the lids all universal so you just buy new lids each year or how does that work?

lastly ♥ i think it's high time i figured out how to do my makeup. i've been doing it the same since i was 20 and i'm soooo not 20 anymore. i need to learn how to put darker makeup on my eyes so they don't look so squinty and tired in pictures. and i want to stop hating my face. i just have forever cringed when i see pictures of myself and i hate that. i'm 34. a mom of two gorgeous kids. a happy wife. a successful business woman. some people even think i tell good jokes. it's stupid that i can't just shut up and like my own face. the people i think are the prettiest are often people who don't have traditionally pretty faces, but their confidence and personality shines through and that equals beauty. i need to channel that somehow, and just kind of relax. i always wish i could put cute/fun pictures of myself on this blog like some of my favorite bloggers do on their blogs. but whenever i try to get pictures like that they just look awkward and i know it's because i feel awkward about being photographed. so i want to get over that. being more comfortable in my skin would feel so amazing. now, how do i do it? i am hoping the first step is darker eye makeup, haha.

sooooo... those are my plans for owning autumn. do you have anything fun in the works? boots? ;)

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