big things, little things

It just takes a handful of little things to cut into a thriving ::side eye:: blog schedule. One little thing who lives in my house has been doing just that lately. I usually wake up crazy early to blog, like 4am. But little miss has developed spider sense for my (pretty darn quiet and a bedroom away from her) iPhone alarm. The second it goes off, she's standing in her crib, yodeling like a wounded seagull, "UPPY! UPPEEEEE!" The sounds she makes hurt my spine. I'm not joking. These aren't sad, hungry, upset, mad, or any other normal thing cries. They're just terrible sounds. She's a smart one and I think she realized that if you make your voice sound like someone playing a broken trombone while raking nails down a chalkboard... well, mama comes running - fast.

Anyways, beyond the interrupted schedule, I don't really have an excuse for how quiet this little blog has gone lately. I love the weekly Currently posts so I manage to get those out. But I'm not baking anything I invented or crafting anything or taking grand trips, etc. We're just kind of chilling at home. It's nicer out and we eat dinner in the yard when we can. The kids are wonderful, if challenging, little humans. And I feel boring in a not-that-bad kind of way.

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