three gratitudes, 5

Today I'm grateful for my husband and Tylenol. Sometimes life without a gall bladder gets interesting. On Friday night we went out for ice cream (the adventure begins) then later that evening our friends came over for board games... well, a circuit breaker (or something) in our neighborhood blew out so we ended up hanging out in the living room by candlelight for a few hours... I had two beers, a brownie, and more ice cream (power's out you gotta save the ice cream, yo!). That was my extreme party night of wild abandon and I woke up Saturday basically poisoned. Thankfully Rob laid down the law, around 8am yesterday he actually said, "I'm going to have to lay down the law here, you go to bed, now." I spent the whole day in bed until 2pm, just a lump of misery. Thank goodness for my guy letting me sleep off my "bender".

I'm also grateful for my little streak of bravery that's grown as I've gotten older. Recently an opportunity to try out for a part in a short film came my way. This is my secret little dream! But honestly all through my childhood and early adulthood I was just too timid to take a chance on myself. Fingers crossed I think my tryout went really well and if I get the part I will be able to cross something off my relatively short bucket list.

Finally, this morning I am grateful for half co-sleeping. Every night I get an opportunity to cuddle my Loretta for about twenty minutes before she demands, "bed, more water," which means she's ready to go back to her crib. Some nights we do this song and dance a few times. I really do love it. Otto, who recently transitioned to his own big boy bedroom (post coming hopefully tomorrow) still climbs into our bed around 2am. This morning I woke up to Otto talking in his sleep. What a charming moment, here's what I heard:

"You only get one wish and you can't take it back. Ok, I wish to be a karate... master!" And then a few moments later, "I'll kick your butts. I'll kick your butts."

Oh my goodness.

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