his and hers

I'm so excited to share some pics of Loretta and Otto's bedrooms with you guys. A month ago this was one shared bedroom (now Loretta's) and one room full of everything we didn't want to unpack when we moved into this house 18 months ago (now Otto's). We managed to shove all that unpacked stuff into a closet (Go Team Muth!) and I'm really proud to say we managed to create both of these rooms without buying a single "new" thing. We thrifted a bit, but still, I'm gonna say, "Go Team Muth!" one more time for sticking to a New Year's Resolution and generally being frugal.


As you can see, there is a giant pole right in the middle of Otto's room! This 101 year old house has character and I love it but there are weird things like giant poles in the middle of rooms. Hard to put furniture and/or take photos in this room but we figured it out. And my favorite part is the way Otto set up his desk. He brought all of these things upstairs, set them up, and spends hours writing, drawing, playing castle, ruining vintage lunchboxes (ahem), and just enjoying his own space. Just what a room should be for a little guy.


My favorite part about Loretta's space is that she loves it. She is sleeping better since we moved her crib and she loves to help pick out her clothes now that her dresser is more her own height.

Anyways thanks for taking a little room tour with us!

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