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This week's themes: dropping, making, wearing, kissing, keeping

This week we have been... Dropping everything on Monday as Loretta's babysitter was dealing with a family emergency. That situation is on the mend now, thank goodness. Anyways, Monday with Loretta was actually kind of amazing. It's hard as a working mom and the breadwinner to take anything in stride. I'm terrible about going with the flow. It's something I really wish I was better about... So, I had a few things to do at work that had to get done Monday so we packed a "go bag" with snacks, crayons, toys and headed off to work. Loretta lit up the joint and LOVED meeting everyone and then to her dismay I locked her in my office with me for the most annoying 2 hours of my life. That "go bag" kept her occupied for about five minutes, then she was crawling all over me, tearing up the place, and just losing it. I had to go to a really zen place and crank out some detail-oriented stuff as fast as I could so I could escape. Stress! We finally made it out of there and then the day got good. It was gorgeous outside so we played in the backyard for a bit and then later took a walk around the neighborhood. I don't really get one-on-one time with her very often and she was just loving every second of it and so was I. Also, she found a huge stick (see pic) and was the funniest little peanut parading down the street with a giant branch bigger than she was.

We have been Making plans for summer or at least planning to plan for summer. I'm hoping this year to get over to Portland at least a few times and to get our butts down to Disney (someway, somehow). I think this might be magic Disney time in Otto & Loretta's lives and so that's the summer vacation goal!

Otto Van Halen has been Wearing some pretty rad gear.
We went to a friend's house Saturday night and Otto was in awe of her 10 year old who was cool enough to play with my guy for a few hours. Rock on, little cute one!

I have been Kissing sweaty, dirty, adorable heads. Ahhh, the smell of happy kids when the temperatures rise. It's just great.

and we've been Keeping our seeds safely tucked away in their packages ::sarcasm font::. It's almost mid-April and time to get my seed starts going... I just need to get motivated one evening and do it. What's my problem? Gah! Anyways, garden season is about to hit and I'm excited to have a patch of things growing out back, but planting is a pretty big to-do or there won't be a garden. Time to get my rear in gear.

That was this week and here are next week's themes:
clearing, digging, mixing, reading, watching 

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