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This week's themes: reading, feeling, racing, using, smelling

This week we have been... Reading Magic Treehouse at bedtime. A chapter a night is a big part of Otto's bedtime. I wish it was also a part of Loretta's but she gets so intensely sleepy at bedtime that books tend to get ripped out of hands and angrily slammed into faces. She has hurt my face; she has hurt her face. A funny bunny! I predict sometime pretty soon she'll start taking part in Otto's bedtime book reading and then one of my life dreams will come true, which is sitting in a pile of my children ready bedtime stories. Bucket List: check! Anyways, we were on a Roald Dahl kick for a while there which was awesome, then seemed to be trudging through The Marvelous Land of Oz FOREVER because it put Otto to sleep within a few pages, every night. So I'm stoked to be reading one of our Magic Treehouse books. We're slowly collecting them all from the thrift store and I predict a little reader will be ravenously devouring them on his own within the next couple of years. Yay reading! Seriously, yay reading! Reading!

Otto has been Feeling pretty nonchalant about being a petty thief. He pocketed a toy screwdriver from his best friend's house during a playdate recently and got busted trying to sneak it into his toybox. We had a talk. And Otto wrote an apology note to his buddy along with returning the contraband. I'll tell you this, he was thrilled to write the note to his friend and excited to deliver it at school. Five year olds, go figure...

The kids have been Racing around, pretty much just tossing our house all week. It looks like we were either robbed or that the cops have been here searching for evidence. Either way, it's time for an intense toy room cleaning. I feel like every piece of every toy/game/craft is just kind of scattered everywhere and am looking forward to re-organizing kid stuff and weeding out the junkiest for donation soon.

For the first time in my life, I have been Using dry shampoo. Feel the excitement! Call the newspapers! No but really, it's always seemed so expensive and I didn't know if it would really work, but I found some on the cheap at TJ Maxx and decided to give it a whirl. PEOPLE! This stuff is magic business.

and we've been Smelling fresh baked bread. This week I added a little rosemary & oregano to the dough and the outcome was amazing. Loretta's babysitter loaned (lent?) me a bread book and so this weekend I'm going to try something new. Baking bread is just the best. Next cooking challenge: pickling!

That was this week and here are next week's themes:
dropping, making, wearing, kissing, keeping 

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