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This week's themes: wishing, celebrating, wasting, scratching, wearing

I have been Wishing for patience in the face of things I cannot control. And nope! So far I'm still searching for my ohm. Ha. It's hard - just life is hard sometimes. We all have our own stuff going on...
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My other 13 problems pretty much have to do with people who don't realize they're assholes and/or money. Yay! Anyways, hang in there gals. I keep thinking, "what if I just do 1 thing per day to get me closer to where I want to be?" But then when I have a minute, like in the evening, I'm thinking, "what if I just play 2048 for a half hour and then go to bed?" So, it's on me.

On Sunday we were Celebrating Mother's Day with a nice fancy breakfast made by my boys, the institution of Mimosa Sundays (forever and ever and always, why didn't we think of this before?), and flowers and a day spent outside kicking it. Hope all the mamas enjoyed their days. ps. Otto really thought that fancy breakfast was disgusting and spent the whole meal complaining, which I secretly loved that he was being such a butt, because that's kids for ya!

We were all Wasting time and energy on a great mystery this week and here it is. Otto was having quiet time this weekend and ended up rifling through our bedroom. He did weird things like cut a handful of my hairbands and left the sad remains on a pillow, then later when we were like, "Hey, Ot, what in the world is this pile of cut hairbands?" he inspected them and said, "Huh? Yeah that IS weird! I wonder what happened?" And we're like, "We're onto you buddy, do you think you might've done this?" And he says, "well yeah, maybe, I think I did." Weirdo. Anyways, during this adventure in being a weird kid, he also got into my jewelry/life treasures box and we didn't realize he'd done so...

Long story short, we later found one of the jewelry boxes on a laundry pile and the necklace inside it was gone. Otto has no memory of where the necklace went. We completely believe him on this because the kid can't remember where he put his toothbrush WHILE he's brushing his teeth. But for obvious reasons, we felt compelled to figure out what happened to my actually fine jewelry... and also it was one of those moments where you realize you have to drive home a point to your kid and things are gonna get ugly. We had to have serious talks about responsibility, being sneaky, disappointment, trying hard to remember something important, etc. He was so upset and so sorry. And there was a part of me that just wanted to comfort him and say, "It's ok." But it's actually not ok to rifle through other people's things, ruin stuff, and lose other stuff. So we had to really pace our response, keep that poker face, and just say basically, "Love you. Do not love what you did. Not okay." Ugh. And the necklace is still missing. So to be continued... or not...

My poor kids have been Scratching their tragic sensitive skin. Hours in the yard means eczema party. Break out the vanicream and hold the citrus, it's gonna be a rashy summer.

On the flip side, my lucky kids have been Wearing dirt and melted ice cream and sweat and shants. So it's gonna be a fun rashy summer at least.

That was this week and here are next week's themes:
writing, visiting, learning, wanting, loving 

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